Updated: Dec 27, 2021

One night when Kylie was under 6 months old, we were sitting at the house not doing much of anything when I noticed what looked like blood coming out of her G-Tube. It was just me and her there and I was so concerned thinking something was wrong. (I was very new to this Special world) All I remember about that situation was that she looked up at the ceiling, Smiled and giggled!! It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard in my life! I'll never forget it. Was a pretty big deal because I was told she would never smile let alone giggle and up to that point, she hadn't smiled or laughed yet. For months and months after, she never smiled or giggled. Eventually, I got little smiles out of her and a couple big ones but no giggles. Earlier this week she gave me one of her biggest smiles and two giggles! Very wonderful yet scary experience lol let me explain. It was at 3AM, I heard her awake, so I got up to vent her, turned on my iPhone light and as soon as she seen it, she looked up to the ceiling and smiled the biggest smile and giggled! This isn't something I get often so of course I'm in awe of her but also wondering if this is a dream lol Before I can register it, she does it again while still looking at the same spot in the ceiling. All I could think of is what does she see up there that's making her laugh. I am a person who is easily spooked lol Regardless of what she seen up there, I was thrilled to hear that sweet giggle of hers and see that precious smile! It's kind of a big deal so I wanted to share with you all, hope it put a little warmth in your hearts!

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